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cave lion 2Pleistocene animals including a cave lion. Artwork by Mauricio Anton.

Are you looking for a small, affordable pop-up exhibition that will attract a lot of attention to your institution and draw large crowds? Look no further. We are offering a world first—an exhibition of the only mummified cave lion ever found. This will be the first time it is exhibited outside Yakutia.

The recently discovered mummified remains of this 10,000-year-old Eurasian cave lion cub (Panthera spelaea) from Siberia are available for loan, along with an exciting exhibit explaining what these amazing top predators of the Ice Age were like. When fully grown, cave lions were among the largest species of lion ever to have lived, with a shoulder height of 1.2 meters (3.9 feet). The Eurasian cave lion, which some researchers see as a subspecies, was similar in size to living lions. They would have stalked the Siberian steppe for reindeer, horses, and possibly even young mammoths.

The cub is part of an exhibition prepared by Science Visualization in collaboration with prehistoric cat expert and artist Mauricio Anton. This exhibition is designed as a “pop-up” display which is easy to install in a 12’ x 18’ space. It includes four informative illustrated panels, display objects, and a video.

This exhibition is made possible through an exclusive collaboration with the Academy of Sciences of Yakutia, which is famous for its many mummified Pleistocene animal finds. The portability of the pop-up exhibition makes it easy to transport, install, and de-install. The exhibition will be given its official name as soon as the cub is given a nickname. The exhibition is available for display for a minimum of one month at each venue starting in the Fall of 2016. We are starting to book venues now.

Science Visualization is known for developing exhibitions from sources that are off the beaten path. These include “Lyuba, Baby Mammoth of the Ice Age,” and “Heavenly Jade,” an exhibition of exquisite artifacts from Guatemala. We specialize in delivering high quality, engaging, accurate content.

Set your institution apart by being the first to host a baby cave lion!

Other Pleistocene specimens, including mummies, fossil skeletons, and artifacts, are also available. For more information, please contact Chris Sloan at chris.sloan@science


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