Art Direction

Art directors work closely with a client to conceptualize an overall design and direct talent in the process of bringing that idea to life. These examples of work by top illustrators, sculptors, and photographers are a small selection of projects commissioned and directed by Sloan for National Geographic.
Brian Cooley sculpted a ferocious-looking T. rex skull model and Robert Clark photographed it to show the creature’s powerful bite.
T-rex_3-4 copy 2
Raul Martín created this illustration of “SuperCroc,” a dinosaur-sized croc, for a children’s book cover.
martin copy 3
Keith Kasnot created an educational and beautiful illustration of human embryonic development that was never published.
John Gurche created a fantastic poster visualizing human evolution culminating in our ability for symbolic and abstract expression.
gurche3 copy 3
Kazu Sano created a series of dramatic comic-book inspired drawings depicting events leading to the death of the famous “Iceman.”
sano2 copy 3
Marc Dubeau, working with cutting-edge digital technology, created this view of prehistoric marine reptiles for an article on “Sea Monsters.”
Vania Zouravliov, inspired by the art style of the ancient Maya, created this dramatization of a historical Maya event.
maya_zouravliev2 copy 2
Marvin Mattelson created this scene of life during the Cambrian Explosion featuring Anomalocaris, one of the earliest-known aquatic predators.

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