In today’s media landscape, short videos are essential tools for reaching and educating your audience. Video and animation costs are relatively low and allow even small organizations to benefit from this exciting form of communication.
The Hong Kong Science Museum commissioned Legends of the Giant Dinosaurs. We projected the all-CG video onto a 10-foot high x 60-foot wide curved screen in full HD. The Society of Vertebrate Paleontology awarded Science Visualization the 2014 Lanzendorf PaleoArt Prize in Modeling/Animation for this video. The film presents a scientifically accurate depiction of prehistoric life in China at 60 million and 120 million years ago. To see the video, please visit our Vimeo channel. To rent the film, please contact us.
Extinction, produced for the Hong Kong Science Museum, featured dynamic scenes of a cataclysmic extinction event at the end of the Cretaeous period. These events are believed to have contributed to the demise of large dinosaurs. To see the video, please visit our Vimeo channel.
Brain video
We produced The Brain Initiative video for The Science Network and the Kavli Institute. The video accompanied the announcement of President Obama’s “grand challenge” to the nation’s science and engineering community to chart the function of the human brain in unprecedented detail. To see the video, please visit our Vimeo channel.
These are stills from various short clips we produced for National Geographic Television on biomedical topics.

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